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Brochures have always been a marketing staple for businesses; and for good reason. A standard 8.5” x 11 “tri-fold” brochure is fairly inexpensive, easy to distribute and generally provides enough space to present the details about your company, service, products or event. But, just like any marketing piece, it has to get the attention of the intended audience.

So, how do you do that? cd_bookOf course you need professional graphics, content and presentation but what about the brochure itself? We’ve all seen 3-panel tri-fold brochures many times, so thiscti in itself is not going to garner any special attention – but what if it didn’t look like every other brochure? What if it somehow looked different from the others?

Why not design your next brochure in an interesting size or shape? Let your creative mind go crazy. Just about any size and shape can be designed to present your information. It can even be in the shape of your product!

A well designed brochure in an interesting size or shape printed on a high quality stock can be stunning and, more importantly, memorable.

motionAlso, don’t forget that coupons, specials, business cards, fridge magnets and more can be designed right into the brochure; perhaps as a perforated tear-off adding to the uniqueness of the piece.

Next time, dare to be different. Dare to stand out and get noticed!

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