Photo Retouching



You’re tasked to take the photograph of your boss receiving an important award – an award that he has been working towards all his life. A prestigious occasion that will be documented by YOU! You, of course are not a professional photographer but everyone has faith that your photograph will be just perfect. After all, the Christmas party pictures looked fine last year.

So, you get your point and shoot camera, check the batteries, load the digital data card and prepare to take this monumental shot. You ask the presenter and your boss to stand together and you take the shot. You got it! nikon Now, back at your computer you upload your amazing image – the one that will be blown up, framed and put in the foyer for everyone to admire for all eternity. As the image comes up on your computer screen your stomach falls to your feet and a wave of horror comes over your body. You loudly proclaim “CRAP, I’M SCREWED!”

Now what? Well you have a choice. You could claim that your camera blew up on the way home or you could quite work or maybe even blame it on someone else. Or . . . you could call us. Yup, we may be able to turn your not so perfect image into a masterpiece. Best of all, you will get credit for your amazing photographic skills. Sound good? I thought so.

Next time your photograph doesn’t exactly look like what you had in mind, give us a call. We can work miracles and, best of all, no one ever has to know.


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