forkliftEYEJAZZ produced numerous marketing materials for the Lowry company, based in Toronto Canada. Included with the print materials was also a truck wrap design that was used on Lowry's touring rig.

Here's what our client had to say about our work.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fantastic job you did for me on the new LOWRY product brochures, literature, catalog sheets, and artwork. I know how difficult it can be when dealing with several involved parties on something as demanding as this project was. The fact that I am here in Tennessee, and that the factory is in Toronto, obviously didn’t make things any easier. You kept it all coordinated and on-track to a highly successful completion.

It was indeed a pleasure working with you on this project. Your fantastic insight into the design elements of what we were trying to do was invaluable to the entire process. We have received many compliments on the entire package, and especially on the great traveling billboard we have in the big black Peterbilt going up and down the interstates with LOWRY photos and logos emblazoned on it. It makes for a fantastic “show and tell” at the factory demonstrations that we do nationwide.

Geoff, thanks again for a great final product. “Better than requested, on time, and on budget” – that pretty well says it all. Please feel free to offer my name as a contact reference to anyone who might be considering utilizing your graphics and design services."


Garner Bounds
General Manager

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