Tennessee Concrete Association

The Tennessee Concrete Association (TCA) wanted a content management system (CMS) for their growing business and contacted EYEJAZZ  to design and develop it as well as a logo and an ID package. In addition, TCA also decided to develop an off-shoot of their organization to help Tennesseans find reputable contractors and in-depth information about concrete and concrete construction. This website, "getconcrete.org" was developed by EYEJAZZ  and provides a directory database that can be easily searched by the viewer. And since they are CMS, all content is managed by the client.


Client Projects

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    The Village Veterinary Hospital
    Website, Logo, Print

    Southwestern Bus. Rescources
    , Video
    Rice's Country Hams
    Catalog, Logo, Photography

    Ace Plumbing Company
    Website, Print

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    TN Pharmacists Association
    Video, Print

    The Mitchell Group
    Website, FLASH, Print
    All Access
    , Video, Animation

    TN Hemophilia Foundation

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    Tennessee Concrete Assoc.
    Website, Logo, Print

    Photography, imaging, Print

    A Toast to Tennessee
    Photography, Imaging, Print

    Personal Photography
    Photography, Digital Imaging