Tennessee Pharmacists Association

The Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA) was approaching their 125th anniversary and wanted to do something very special for their celebration. They wanted to showcase their long history as a pharmacists advocacy association and contacted EYEJAZZ to produce a short video presentation that touched on the historical highlights of their organization.

After developing the concept and discussing the various historical items and events to present, we soon realized that this was not going to be a short "bullet point" presentation. In fact, it ended up becoming a complete historical representation of their association from 1884 to the present. EYEJAZZ produced the entire documentary piece including scripting, voice-over, music, graphics and DVD duplication and was able to present the final project on time and on budget.

Here's what our client had to say about the experience.tpa_dvd

"It is with great enthusiasm that I write a recommendation for Geoff Riggs at Eyejazz.  I have had the pleasure of working with Geoff during the past year.  In that time, I had the opportunity to view his ability to accomplish tasks in a timely manner and develop a creative and unique difficult presentation for our historical video.  I saw him turn into what could have been an otherwise boring historical video into an entertaining and enjoyable format. Our comments on the final production were outstanding.

Not only are his programming and presentation skills extraordinary, but his creative eye is also exemplary. I have used him in graphic projects as well.  As you can see, we have been delighted with the work of Geoff at Eyejazz.  If you are looking for an organized and articulate person to help in the area of web design, video production or graphic design, I can think of no better person than Geoff Riggs at Eyejazz.  Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information."

Judy P. Sadler
Director of Organizational Affairs
Pharmacists Association


Below is just a small excerpt from the video presentation.

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