Southwestern Business Rescources

Each year, Southwestern Business Resources or "SBR" rewards their best performers by sending them on an exotic excursion with the location kept secret until the announcement at their annual company meeting.

To announce the next exciting destination, EYEJAZZ produces a short, personalized “tongue and cheek” video presentation. In this example, we developed the video based on the "Roaming Gnome" concept and had one of their employees do the narrating. We were pleased to find that it was a huge success.

SBR also honors the best of the best each year with a special award and plaque. After the awards ceremony, EYEJAZZ is given a photograph of the recipient and is tasked at preparing a permanent, framed memorial to be displayed in the company’s foyer.

The following are a few examples where we were given far less than perfect photographs to work with and, through the use of digital imaging, were able to present the final image which we then matted, framed and presented to our client.

Client Projects

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    The Village Veterinary Hospital
    Website, Logo, Print

    Southwestern Bus. Rescources
    , Video
    Rice's Country Hams
    Catalog, Logo, Photography

    Ace Plumbing Company
    Website, Print

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    TN Pharmacists Association
    Video, Print

    The Mitchell Group
    Website, FLASH, Print
    All Access
    , Video, Animation

    TN Hemophilia Foundation

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    Tennessee Concrete Assoc.
    Website, Logo, Print

    Photography, imaging, Print

    A Toast to Tennessee
    Photography, Imaging, Print

    Personal Photography
    Photography, Digital Imaging